Sonos Tips & Tricks – The Best Multi-Room Setup

Published On August 22, 2017 | By Raymond Shaw | Technology

Do you intend to elegance your flat with a modern amplifier? Sonos speaker system is best-selling in the market. The product is affordable to most people in various income brackets, including the middle and the high earners. Two types of amp are; Play 1, slightly cheap, and a Play-bar soundbar, more expensive. Both varieties are easy to establish and are flawless in providing a great sound in your home.

Sonos speaker systems have great features that allow them to deliver a high-quality and satisfying music options, and the tips and tricks in the devices include the following:

Playing Music Direct from Spotify

Controlling Sonos speakers straight from a Spotify program have been a challenge to most users. However, an additional feature in the amplifier, which enables you to play the music directly from the streaming software.

With achieve a connection with the speaker system, you first, need to go to Sonos app, and then click on the option ‘control Sonos from Spotify’ However, it will only allow linking if you have a functional subscription to the music streaming service.

Finally, go to Spotify application, and choose Sonos in the device picker section, then connect the speaker system and the streaming programme to a corresponding Wi-Fi network.

Shunning Signal Problems

With a Sonos speaker, you can purchase a Bridge, which strengthens signals in your amplifier. However, the company is not selling the device currently, but you can buy it from Amazon platform. If the device is unavailable, an alternative; Sonos Boost, will work compatibly with your sound system, and you will not experience the issues again.

The Sonos Boost will cost you £79.99, and it will guarantee that the signal connections remain ideal all over your flat. Besides, the device works perfect, particularly if you are living in a house with thick walls or stories building.

Multiple Speaker Connection

Sonos Play: 1, Play: 3, and Play: 5 have excellent attributes that allow you to connect several speakers, to give an extensive audio sound experience.

The connection will be best, especially when you network Play: 1s Sonos speakers because a nifty unit will not deliver a stereo sound independently. Also, multiple connections will make the music clearer in all the rooms in your flat.

Get More Music for Your Entertainment Purpose

Sonos has the widest selection of music streaming services, including; Spotify, Amazon Cloud Music, Deezer and 7Digital, hence making the firm a home for most music industry streaming world.

Nevertheless, you can join ‘Sonos Labs’ where you can access more streaming alliances. The Lab is beneficial as you can get new music from cloud firms, even before they undergo the beta phase process. To enrol to the package, you only need to go to the service settings in your Sonos app, and then click on the Sonos Labs option.

Playing Songs Straight from The Google Play Music App

Google Play Music deals are superior to all other music and video streaming services in the entertainment industry, including Spotify and Amazon Cloud Music. To Sonos, it is the best because it allows perfect compatibility with all their applications, including audio song apps.

To realise the connection, open the Google Play Music App on your Android phone, and tap on the casting icon. After that, click on Sonos in the emblem, and the tunes will seamlessly transfer from the software package to your speakers.

Sonos Morning Alarm

Having a Sonos speaker in your flat is an advantage as you do not have to purchase a clock, for waking you up in the morning. The system can multitask, both it is a radio and an alarm. Moreover, you can specify the duration of which the device will remain open, and the amplifier will automatically adjust itself according to your setup.

Also, Sonos alarm has several audio delight choices, and you can select your favourite tunes for waking you up. For instance, you can select the TuneIn’s internet radio or personal play-list from a music streaming software, such as Spotify or 7Digital.

Controlling Music from A Smartwatch

Sonos speakers allow you to control songs and alarms using a wireless device such as a Pebble or an Android Wear smartwatch. Operating with such cable-less gadgets are an advantage as you can switch song while relaxing on your sofa or from the following room in your flat.

To use an Android Wear, you are required to download a Sonos Wear to enable the connections, and the software comes with great features such as a grouping zone, skip tracks and alter queue element.

However, for Pebble users, you will need to download a Kronos program and a companion app for your Android or an iOS smartphone.

Streaming Music in CD Quality

Sonos speaker’s development is a high technology design, and the devices have impressive internals which enables the production of a high-quality sound output. For instance, Play: 3 has DSP circuiting which ensures the audio’s production sounds crisp and the high-end. Also, you can stream FLAC music files into the amplifiers using your computer.

To stream the files, you can use a Tidal method, by signing in to the program, through Sonos app. With a ‘Hi-Fi’ tier subscription, the music will stream into CD-quality lossless format.

Again, you can opt to use Deezer Elite streaming option, but the service is only available to individuals using the Sonos speaker. Nevertheless, the subscription in Deezer method is cheaper; £9.99 compared to a Tidal method, which costs £19.00 per month.

Sonos-iffy Your Existing Speaker System

If you have already bought an impressive sounding Hi-Fi system, you do not need to purchase an additional amplifier in your flat. You can just buy a Sonos Connect, which will enable you to upgrade your existing speakers, to yield a higher quality music output.

Sonos Connect device costs £279.00, and it is compatible with your ‘Hi-Fi’ sounding system. Besides, the gadget will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a full Sonos system package, including; wireless streaming, the app, the zones and an alter queue feature.

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