Ready to Launch Scripts for Networking or Travel Website Needs

Published On August 26, 2017 | By Robbie Garner | Web Hosting

If you are looking for a great job having a professional profile is important – in fact it is almost a mandatory thing as well as networking through professional sites such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a world-wide platform that professionals use to showcase their business profile. If you want to build your own social networking platform – you can do this with the best social network script and LinkedIn Clone Script being the perfect solution.


ClonesCloud has built a ready-to-jump start Social Networking platform referred to as ProsNexus. This is a LinkedIn Clone that is designed to build a professional and social networking website that is very much like LinkedIn. Networking that is professional is the way that those looking for career starting opportunities can connect to experts in various industries. By using open source Social Network Script, you will be able to build professional networking sites in many different languages and this will help to attract a huge number of users. You will be growing your own professional network.

Best AirBNB Clone script

 Also at ClonesCloud, they have developed the best AirBNB Clone Script that allows you to jump-start building a website base for developing your own vacation rental website; AirBNB clone is like AirBNB. It comes equipped with all the best high-end features that are required to build any successful business website. There are usually 3 key people attached with any booking websites with all playing various roles such as:

  • Admin –

    Able to manage all tasks through user-friendly GUI where they can manage CMS, users, properties, listings, payment and much more;

  • Hosts –

    These are the people that will be listing their properties and will be able to list an unlimited number of properties on the website, managing them, allowing instant booking, managing pricing, reservations, cancel bookings and more;

  • Guests –

    Clients that are visiting this website to see what properties are listed and if they are interested in booking any of them through this website.


StaysBNB is the best website in the Travel and Booking industry and it is ready to launch for your travel industry needs. It is rich in features that offer booking solutions if you are planning to start a vacation rental website.

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