The Legal Cannabis Business Is Growing Like the Weed It Is. But Wait. Jeff Sessions Is Against That Weed!

Published On July 11, 2017 | By Raymond Shaw | Technology

Back when Woodstock was making the news, Cannabis was underground. But there was no doubt, pot was a sought-after personality fixer. Cannabis, pot, weed, or smoke as some aficionados call it, was the “big man on campus” in those days. And it’s safe to say it hasn’t lost that title over the last 50-plus years. The hippies and bikers were daily users, but they didn’t know much about THC or CBD back then and for good reason. Why spoil a high with a lot of chemical mumbo-jumbo?

Cannabis has come a long way since those days. We now know the cannabidiol in marijuana has a place in the medical profession. And we know selling medical marijuana has given some people a new lease on life. Twenty-eight states now have laws that permit medical marijuana use, and there are eight states that allow recreational marijuana use. Other states have bills on the table to legalize marijuana in 2017. Colorado recently put things in proper perspective when the yearly pot sales hit the news. Colorado sold more than $1.6 billion worth of weed in 2016. Weed put $200 million in the state’s bank account from the taxes paid on those pot sales. And the other pot states are enjoying the same kind of tax windfall.

But Attorney General Jeff Sessions is throwing more than a monkey wrench in the quest to legalize marijuana in all 50 states. Sessions wants to prosecute marijuana users, and he wants to shut down the cannabis industry.

One might wonder why former Alabama Senator Sessions would want to bring down an industry that is producing some many positive things. States are collecting huge paydays thanks the taxes marijuana growers, sellers, and users pay every month. Companies like will also suffer if Sessions has his way. Smokea sells an excellent selection of alternative smoking products.

So what’s up, with Jeff Sessions? We now know Sessions is a danger to common sense. We also know he likes alternative facts. His memory also seems to be as dull as his haircut. His performance in front of Congress was a joke, and he has been in hiding ever since then. In fact, Jeff is not talking about a marijuana clampdown right now. But that doesn’t mean he is changing his position on marijuana.

Pot is still a schedule one substance in the eyes of the Federal Government. And Session is the man in charge of head stomping in our government. Sessions thinks marijuana is like heroin and cocaine. And be believes the increase in crimes is a direct result of marijuana use. Beliefs like that went out with the beliefs that women are the weaker sex. And Sessions views on same-sex marriage and the LTGB community are as archaic as his marijuana beliefs.

The big question is, what is Trump’s position on the weed issue? He did say the states should decide that issue during his campaign from hell. But we all know, Trump makes a habit of forgetting what he said yesterday.

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