Learning Agility Assessment – the process to explore your High potential Human Resource

Published On December 14, 2017 | By Charles Sorrell | Technology

In contemporary times, while hiring talents, hiring managers give utmost importance to the aspect of learning agility assessment. What is this concept all about? What is its importance in manpower hiring? The leadership skill that gets depicted in the willingness and ability to learn from experiences, making necessary adjustments as per that experience as well as the application of that knowledge for performing to the optimum extent in the new work ambiance.

The method for identifying candidates who can take a lead role in organizational success

Those candidates who are naturally self-reflective and are high potential are considered the agile learners. These flocks exhibit a tendency to cross over any boundaries as well as actively respond to the upcoming work ambiance and evaluate objectively the experience they are making. The assessment for learning agility assists the hiring managers to identify the worker with such qualities. These talents are perfectly suited for taking a leadership role in the success of any enterprise of UsedCarsNearMe. This evaluation is comprehensive in nature and it majorly evaluates 4 major dimensions and maps 20 competencies.

What is the purpose of conducting the learning agility evaluation?

Following are the key purposes that this evaluation tends to serve:

  • Developing a pool of talents for deployment of high potentials. Succession plans, Key job roles as well to extend the necessary support for their coaching and development.
  • Devops Training helps in better decision making for hiring those profiles where the core requirements in Learning agility.
  • To identify the candidates who hold the highest chances to meet success in international assignments.
  • Boosts tea development practices.

The top profiles, wherein this evaluation is commonly conducted

All profiles that are equivalent to the CXO level

  • Director/ President & Vice President
  • Job roles at the middle-management level
  • All those job profiles that require fast and effective strategic thinking.

What are the key dimensions of this evaluation process?

  • Mental Agility that involves the competency to handle complex tasks
  • People Agility that deals with the capacity to manage diversified workforce
  • Change Agility is all about the capacity to adapt to the changes and made modifications to perform at the optimum level in the new job scenario.
  • Results Agility deals with the ability to take lessons from all the practical experiences.

Ensure this evaluation while hiring for the key positions in your organization to ensure that you have the best talents to execute the job in the best manner.

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