Industrial Oil and Gas Filtration

Published On December 30, 2017 | By Steven Bail | Technology

Filtration as we know it is a process that purifies liquid or gas when it is passed through specific filtration systems. The basic principle remains the same in different types of physical, mechanical or biological operations. The crude oil obtained from natural sources has a lot of contaminants in them. They are full of chemicals and other elements that make it unsuitable for domestic or industrial use.

In order to make resources fit for use, they raw form of liquid and gas is passed through filtrates that are specially designed to remove the impurities. In the industrial method, the process of filtration usually includes three steps.

Three different types of filtration

Hot filtration is perhaps the first important method of filtration used to separate solids from a hot solution. It helps in preventing the formation of crystals in the filter funnel when it comes in contact with the liquid.

Cold-Filtration is the second method which uses an ice bath to cool down the solution to be crystallized rather quickly than leaving it to cool down naturally at room temperature. This process helps in obtaining small sized crystals and prevents the formation of large crystals.

Vacuum Filtration technique is the third important method, and it is usually preferred for the small batch of solution. It helps in drying out the small crystals pretty fast.

Solutions needed for industrial filtration

There are different types of equipment needed for filtration methods, and some of the essential ones are strainers, separators, and coalescers.

  • The strainers are used in the first step of filtration, and they help in removing the large-sized contaminants from liquids.
  • Separators are used to separate the liquid from natural gas. When the gas is forced through the separators, the liquid separates and precipitates in a container.
  • The coalescers are used to further filter the treated form of natural gas in the final stage of filtration. It helps in removing the smallest liquid and solid particles

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