How to Download Videos on Facebook Using Vidflu.Com

Published On December 29, 2017 | By admin | Social Networking

It is obvious that Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms connecting people all over the world. Facebook allows its users to connect with family and friends as they can easily access lost contacts, share photos, and memorable events with loved ones. Recently Facebook introduced live streaming of videos and uploading of past videos on the platform on the user’s timelines. As might be expected the new feature has led to the development of many video downloaders, being one of them. is the best downloader among the many in the market simply because it gives the uses ease of using the web app which does not overload their computers and phones. Besides that, it doesn’t require a software or web plugin thus video downloads are a fee and the site is safe from the invasion of malware and viruses.

How to Download Using Vidflu.Com

  • Log in to Facebook and select videos

Logining into Facebook is petty easier for registered members. This is done by using the logins provided, which include your email or phone number together with your chosen password. For the unregistered members, you need to register first before you can access the site, by a provision of personal details with the option of making them viewable by other members while personalizing the sensitive information. To select your videos it is wise to use video search engines as well as browse through your friend’s timelines. When you find a perfect video you select and copy its URL.

  • Right click the video and choose “show video URL” option

Go to site and open the search bar then copy paste link in the given box bar. The video’s link will be shown on the bar. A click on the download button initiates the downloading process.

  • Click the download button

The site provides its users with the option of downloading standard definition and high definition videos. Standard definition videos can be downloaded from your personal computer and they are of poor quality. This is because they’re credited with fewer pixels per inch contained in the video. High definition videos, on the other hand, have finer details due to more pixels per square inch.

  • Save the video files

The main aim of downloading video files from Facebook is for future reference. allows its users to save the videos downloaded. The users have the option to choose the files to save into their devices; one can opt not to save the video as well. This is the best way of saving memories of friends and family. The users get to watch the downloaded photos latter and share it with friends later.

In conclusion, should be the downloader of choice for anybody who would like to download videos on Facebook. As indicated above, it is clear that downloading videos using this downloader is pretty easier. This coupled with the security from malware provided by the downloader and ease of use makes it the ultimate Facebook Downloader.

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