How RFID based School Attendance Can Soon Replace Tradition Pen and Paper Way

Published On August 4, 2017 | By Maria Merritt | Hardware

RFID based attendance system is still an alien way of taking students’ attendance for most of the schools specially in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. but growing popularity of rfid based school attendance system is a fact. Today or tomorrow, most of the schools will go green and paperless for school attendance.

There appears dozens of companies with RFID offerings to tag and track students. Even the big names like AT&T. Though the use and popularity of rfid system is on rise, controversies are also there. A start-up had to with draw its pilot project on UHF based RFID school attendance system just because parents resisted in huge count and similar stories have been repeated at many places.

Few start-ups like School Pixa have been doing the same with Low Frequency and have successfully gained the confidence of parents. They have built a gate having 2rfid pillars. Student just walks through that gate and attendance marked. It’s connected to cloud and everything collect. As it works on low frequency therefore completely safe. Look wise it resembles the gate in malls or anti theft systems but customized just to meet needs of schools. The RFID based School Attendance System has been deployed successfully in almost 55 schools and catering almost 50000 students.

Concept is new and looking for more and more innovation. Just using UHF will not work as it’s the case of students and health concerns with use of RFID will always be there. Cost also to be taken care otherwise it will fail to reach masses.

Benefits that can be achieved with RFID based students’ attendance in schools are many. Few of them are listed below

  1. Paperless attendance
  2. Time saving
  3. Parents can be kept updated about attendance instead of waiting till final calculation
  4. If Students leave the premises at odd timings, even that can be tracked
  5. Analytics can be done over attendance data
  6. Cloud connectivity allows for instant notifications to parents by app or SMS and thus add safety feature
  7. Management informed regularly about percentage of school attendance
  8. School has data handy to show to parents with in out timings when they claim for discrepancy in attendance data.

I-Card cum RFID used for school attendance can be used for other purposes as well like school bus attendance, library automation, cafeteria etc.

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