Genetic Data and its Battle between China and the US

Published On August 26, 2017 | By John Cole | Technology

The US has been developing a genetic database and has raised issues with regards to the security of the information. On the other hand, genomics, a branch of molecular biology is also being in the talks in China. This also raises fears for the Chinese investment in the US. The two nations have been interested in biomedical research and it can cause potential disputes with other commercial relations. This will of the US to research on the genome is a risk for the country. It can potentially be used for bioweapons instead of settling to the ideal purpose with is to generate medicines. Thus, security has to be tightened to make sure that the data is kept on their shores. On the other hand, China is also affected by the matter since there were Chinese investors who closed partnerships with companies in this field. Additionally, there may have been hackers of Chinese nationalities that are state-sponsored who have entered certain laboratories and hospitals who possess the records of patients. This increases the need for strict implementation of security guidelines because of the possible information transfer overseas. Also, the objectives of Chinese companies who have invested in the industry are being questioned. The timing coincides the development of the technology and the possible hacking.

As a matter of fact, different industries between China and the US went through different limitations in transacting. Particularly, the infrastructure of the telecoms market in America has blocked purchasing from China. On top of these are information technology products such as cloud computing, semiconductor, and artificial intelligence. Digital data can create destruction just as deadly as other diseases and this is what agencies have been working on to prevent. Since data can be passed on easily, it is crucial for information to spread fast. Also, the US has been storing genetic data which can limit the advantages of America from the other countries. This can be a real threat to a greater amount of people even when the real motive has yet to be identified. While there is tension between China and the US in relation to genetic data, it has valid reasons that require more critical security as well as scrutiny of the processes. The ongoing investments in China in this industry may be affected. Most especially when two of the powerful economies are making efforts to be ahead in the same aspect. Furthermore, having the huge amount of data needed requires a lot of time.

Relations between China and the US are not the easiest. Currently, both are known for their economic strength. The US has long been on top of the chain while China made its way to become powerful as a developing country. Before the two has been working hand in hand, or against each other, Nanking Massacre occurred. It was a violent account decade ago in China. It was the cause of economic turmoil in the country but through reforms, improvements became evident.

In this case, the battle is for the industry of biotechnology. Chinese are ought to give the impression that their government is hacking into the network of the US. The healthcare industry is tied in this critical sector that will have more attention and further security. Any mistake can do significant damage and for having research that is hoped to save lives, it can defeat the purpose. Just as normal technology, biotechnology is still evolving and there is still a lot to improve in order to make seamless applications. Health and national security are the main critical factors in pushing this study but when successful, it can create more assurance that it is safe and more beneficial.

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