Don’t Because Part of the Problem with Data Security – Be Part of the Solution

Published On December 22, 2017 | By John Cole | Technology

Recently, a high percentage of users of the internet, as well as consumers of websites, have begun to get concerned about privacy online and overall data security.


Studies showed that more than 37% of internet users seemed to have lost any confidence or trust in the organizations that they transact with regularly. So, here are some useful guidelines to retain your data private and secure so that all your devices for the internet start working with you, and not against you. Some of the smartest methods of keeping data secure are listed below.

Tips for better security

1. Remember that all your posts have the capacity of lasting for a lifetime

We live in a cyber-world that overshares information; there is just more data around that is not needed. In most cases, individuals keep adding data to already overflowing servers to become part of the problem; this is not needed. It is vital to consider the impact your posts will have in the future, both for yourself as well as others.

2. Stay clear of others that might sound too good to be true

Irrespective of whether you get an offer from your favourite website or from an address that sounds genuine, be cautious of falling for links that are malicious and that might do more harm than good to you. Also remember, it only takes one simple click on a specific link that is malicious, or the accidental opening of an attachment that contains a virus, to expose the entire security of your system to attacks. It is vital to disallow easy data access to cyber criminals by being more alert always.

3. Strengthen all your passwords and add 2-factor authentication

It makes logical sense to change passwords on a regular basis to unique, strong phrases that have a minimum of 8 characters with a smart mixture of letters, lower/upper case and symbols. Uncomplicated rules for password creation can aid in having a complex level of data security.

Take control

So, go head and take responsibility and control for the security of your online presence. Companies such as St. Louis Cisco Partner – Secure Data Technologies offer some of the best online security information and can help you focus on your main business without ever having to worry about issues security. This website has a lot of good information on staying safe.

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