5 Features That Make a Good VPN

Published On July 23, 2017 | By Steven Bail | Programming

Do you want to access movie websites such as Netflix or HBO but live in another country? These are where all the good shows such as Game of Thrones are playing. But you might be worried about the protection of your privacy in view of new laws that allow companies to sell all their data online about you?

Virtual Private Network

If you are smart or have done any research you have already figured out that the best way to protect your privacy and have access to content in other countries is to subscribe to a service with VPN. But the question is which one? A VPN or Virtual Private Network is the technology that takes two computers and connects them over the internet by using a secure connection. These secure connections are also referred to as a VPN tunnel.

1. Speed

The best VPN networks have lots of speed – and you will find the best speed in the 5 top VPN networks. You need to look for a VPN that has outrageously fast performance especially if you are into playing internet games.

2. Security

Some users might be worried about security with hackers everywhere. Those VPN that are listed in the top 5 all have vigorous encryption managers to keep hackers away and no logs on usage; meaning a company cannot share your data on personal browsing because they are not keeping those records.

 3. Reliable Customer service

Many users are not happy if the VPN customer services is not good but Express VPN is always listed on top for the fantastic 24/7 customer support. Most VPN networks have servers located in 94 countries around the globe so there is always someone on duty to keep the servers running great and to answer questions for you.

4. Good reputation

 When a team of techs reviewed 100s of VPN networks and their services, they listed the ones that are best for everything from Customer Services to Speed. This is all listed and you can read the entire TorGuard Review for the top 5 as well as other reviews.

5. Good pricing

There are many things that networks will throw in to get you to sign up with them -pricing is one of them. They offer 30 days free, money back guarantees with no reason cancellation and other perks to entice a user to become a member of their network.

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