3D Printing and The Great Benefits You Gain From It

Published On August 8, 2017 | By John Cole | Hardware

The printing technology has improved immensely. Nowadays, 3D printing is in great demand.

3 dimensional printing is not ordinary printing as it produces three dimensional items which are thrilling, exciting and also useful. This printing technology is used in automotive and aircraft industries, in the packaging industries and also in health care. The printing procedure has many benefits.

1. More Affordable

The customary prototyping mold tools and creations are costly. 3D technology is cost effective as you can create tools and parts easily at nominal rates which are cheaper than the customary printing method. 3D surgical equipment like clamps, hemostats and forceps, etc. is much cheaper than purchasing stainless steel counterparts.

2. Mitigate Risk

In making project, 3D printing prototype model can be made first instead of buying costly molding tools. You can easily design and redesign the mold. A complete prototype creates confidence.

3. Quick Production

Customary prototype manufacturing needs equipment and tools to design. You need to recruit labors and buy costly equipment. The creation of the prototype takes time; hence, time and money is wasted. The management and the client have to wait for the prototype to get finalized. In 3D printing, it takes few hours to complete the prototype. Not much time is wasted and no money is spent in paying to the labors. You can do it personally in your printer. If you want to redesign the prototype, it can be made rapidly again.

4. Easy to Customize

Mass production of products is made by the industries. The products should be of similar shape and design. 3D printing can easily personalize the prototype as per your requirements. It does not require any additional cost.

5. Less Tool required

In 3D printing you need less equipment, less time and low cost but in customary industrial manufacturing; you require labors, more time and more cost. This is a big advantage which manufacturers get.


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