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As little kids, I think all of us have imagined what it would be like to own a pencil or a pen with which we could draw whatever we wanted, anywhere we wanted, and had it at our disposal for unlimited use! But alas, there was nothing of that sort back in the day. No one could even imagine that a decade later, we would be capable of drawing out tangible items in the air that were actually functioning and usable- an actual pen that would be a child’s dream come true!


3D printing pens have opened up a world of creativity and possibilities for us to test our artistic abilities through innovative means and outlets.

A 3D pen is similar to a regular pen except that it is bulkier and uses plastic filaments in place of ink. An electric heater powers the pen and the heating element melts the plastic (PLA or ABS) which exits through the metal extruder tip on the pen. The melted plastic can be used by the 3D pen owner to create designs as they would on paper with a regular pen and watch as their creations harden within seconds midair, creating colorful, accurate structures. All you need to do is to buy one, plug it into a socket, insert a color filament from the back, adjust the speed and temperature according to your liking, and create as the color oozes from the tip.


So we get it- the 3D printing pens are wonderful and they let you make pretty things, but the question still stands: is it worth it for you to get a 3D pen? Why should you be looking to get one anyway? Here are a couple of ways how your household and life can benefit loads from a simple 3D printing pen:

  • You can use it to create your very own wearable articles such as little jewelry pieces, cuff links, buttons, and other small accessories. With a 3D pen, you have complete freedom of customization in terms of color, material, size, and design.

  • You can use your 3D pen to create little personalized items such as your initials to paste on your belongings, your very own self designed phone case or stationary container, or any other drawable object.

  • These 3D pens are a great help with science projects and fairs where you or your kids have to get creative with creating interactive models. With a 3D pen, you simply have to draw out what you want to show in your model instead of figuring out ways to prop your images up and make them seem three dimensional.

  • You can sue the 3D pen to make all sorts of decorative items, toys, and even personalized gifts for family and friends.

  • If you are an artist, you don’t even need to be reading this list- just get one! A 3D pen will open up so many creative doors for you and let you do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do. You can come up with all sorts of structures and models such as the Eiffel Tower which people famously create with 3D pens on YouTube. Same goes for sculptors, sketchers, painters, or anyone else associated with the artistic fields- a 3D pen is a great opportunity to take your work to the next level.


While the basic blueprint of almost all 3D printing pens is pretty much the same, they may differ in some of their numerous features. In such a case, you must be aware of what your requirements are so you can correctly choose the 3D pen with such features that fulfil your needs and desires. Here are a few things you should keep at the forefront of your mind when choosing a 3D pen to purchase:


Make sure that you get a 3D pen that works with the surrounding temperature of your area. It is better to get one whose temperature you can adjust for the different filaments that you use.


It is generally a good idea to get a 3D pen that has adjustable speeds of the material coming out of the nosil so you can handle and administer it better.


You may want to make sure that the 3D pen you get can be used and operated on any kind of surface as some of the ones available in the market do not allow for this feature.


There are different types of filaments available for your pen and it is a good habit to get to know what filaments a set can work with before purchasing it. For example, PLA and ABS are two types of filaments. Since PLA filaments are made of starch, they are stickier and have a lower melting point, whereas ABS filaments are more resistant, hard, and have higher melting points. Depending on what kind of filaments you are planning on using, check whether the pen you are purchasing allows you to do that.


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